What some of our customers have to say about Garrett Construction:

We needed a contractor to repair our home and Traveler’s Insurance gave us a list of names for us to contact. We ultimately chose Matt Garrett and Garrett Construction. Matt Garrett and his crews have got to be the best available in East Tennessee. We have had experiences with other contractors and have a basis for comparison. Matt Garrett always returned our calls promptly and would always call and advise us when someone would be out and working on our damages. His crews were respectable and very neat. Within less than 2 months we had a beautiful brand new roof, a brand new, freshly painted and very clean garage, a brand new garage door and a newly replaced laminate floor in the kitchen which was ruined by flooding from rain. We were never inconvenienced and cannot express how much we recommend Garrett Construction for all repair needs in East Tennessee, you will not be disappointed.

The Prentices – Loudon, TN

September 7, 2012

Thank you Garrett Construction for a job well done!

After our home was substantially damaged in the hail storm that struck Farragut in April 2011, it seemed like an overwhelming task to get all of the repairs done. The best phone call we made was to Garrett Construction. After meeting with Nathan, we were confident that your company would be more than capable of completing all of the necessary repairs, including a new roof. Not only are we pleased with the quality of the work done, but it was a pleasure working with Nathan, as well. He made a stressful situation so stress-free and easy. We also want to thank your “handyman” Dennis for his outstanding work. He really puts his heart into his work and does a quality job. Thank you Garrett Construction for doing what you said you would do in such a straightforward and professional manner. An honest company that does an honest job…now that’s hard to find!

Sincerely ,

Allen and Joan Salmon

Dear Matt:

There is absolutely no way I can adequately thank you (and Sonia) for the wonderful job you all did overseeing and assuring that all damages were reported and repaired. It was a mammoth undertaking, particularly working with the appraisers, that was accomplished with an amazing amount of patience.

Many of the residents of Williamsburg Manor have expressed their appreciation of you and the people who worked with you. Thank you again.


Margie M. Bramblett


Dear Garrett Construction,

I would like to thank your company for exceptioal service. I couldn’t have found a better company to help me. I have a very old home (almost 100 years) and it comes with many problems that older homes can have.

Nathan was the nicest man to work with. He was fair and honest and went out of his way to help me in any way that he could. Beginning with the initial estimate, the help with Travelers insurance agents to the completed job was handled with extreme professionalism and was greatly appreciated. Nathan thoroughly explained what he would/could do to my home. He was not a pressure salesman, nor was he rude or pushy.Quite the contrary,even though I know nothing of house repairs Nathan explained things to me in a way that made sense and then he let me make the decision.

I feel I was charged a very fair price and will highly recommend Garrett Construction to those in need of services.


Paula Ferland – Knoxville, Tennessee


I am so glad we chose Garrett Construction. We love all the changes.




Thanks so much for all your effort and the time spent working with me on the repairs.

Agnes Reeves – Knoxville

I appreciate the attentive service and quality work done by Garrett Construction and its sub contractors.

Best Regards,

Rita Geier

Nathan @ Garrett Construction

Thank you for all your kind assistance in oveseeing this project. Should you need one, I would be pleased to serve as a reference for Garrett consturction.

I look forward to the possibility of us working together again in the future on some non-insurance related, home improvement projects we’re thinking about.

Best Regards,

Marty Weisman

Thank you for referring Garrett Construction for a second check on the roof after the repairs were made. Mr. Matt Garrett came over immediatley after our call, checked the roof and told us the roof was ok, but the the chimney cover was cracked (which the roofer we used did not mention) and there would be trouble later with water getting between the brick in the chimney, freezing and causing the brick to crack. We are very thankful for Mr. Garrett coming out and checking the repairs and telling us this so we could avoid futher damage. Thank you Travelers Ins. for referring us to him. Please keep this company on your list; we should have used him to start with.

Very truly yours,

Emma Lee Thomas