A Free Roof Inspection Can Pay Dividends

Garrett Construction is pleased to offer free roof inspections to Knoxville and East Tennessee homeowners.  Like a medical checkup by your family doctor, your roof inspection looks for problems that may be visible on the surface and goes a little deeper to make sure your roof system is in good condition.

A roof inspection can pay valuable dividends in identifying problems early and allowing you to make suitable repairs or replace your roof before severe damage results.

What can you expect when we come to your home to inspect your roof?

First, we’ll take a look at the overall appearance of the roof by checking the exterior and then inspecting the interior for evidence of leaks or roof damage. Throughout the inspection, the inspector takes digital video to create a report. After the inspection, the inspector prepares an estimate of any repair costs.

On the roof, the inspector looks to see if there is any surface degradation and/or any obvious damage to the roof. The inspector checks the condition of chimneys, drains, fascia, gutters, skylights, and vents.

Inside the home, the inspector looks for evidence of ceiling cracks, water stains from previous leaks, and active leaks that have made the walls or ceiling damp in places.

If the roof is shingled, the inspector notes any warped, curled, broken, or missing shingles. For tiled roofs, the inspector looks for broken or missing tiles. For asphalt roofs or other roof coverings, the inspector looks for places where the asphalt was not installed properly, is worn down, or has deteriorated. All of these items may be a source of leaks now or sometime in the future.

Inspections are comprehensive and complete as seen in this checklist of items that are examined and identified as part of an exterior roofing inspection:


  • Shingles with severe blisters or those that are warped, curled, broken, or split
  • Shingles that are loose or missing on the roof and at the hip or ridgelines
  • Shingles with broken seals at connection points
  • Shingles with excessive loss of granules
  • Eaves and gutters that do not provide proper overhangs for shingles
  • Nails that are exposed or loose
  • Nails that have popped up from being improperly seated during installation
  • Flashing that is missing
  • Flashing that shows signs of needing more caulk to be sealed properly
  • Metal flashing that shows excessive corrosion or is rusted out
  • Cracks in chimneys
  • Rubber boots around vent pipes that are cracked or worn
  • Vent pipes that easily move when touched (this may indicate dry rot below the roof surface)
  • Downspouts and gutters that are damaged
  • Damaged or rotted fascia board
  • Siding that extends above the roofline level


Need a roof inspection? Contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE to determine whether it was installed properly. This inspection will also determine if the roofing product is failing prematurely due to manufacturing problems. This will allow you to rely on the product warranty for repair or replacement.  Go with Garrett.


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