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Is Inflation Affecting Your Remodeling Plans?

WHEW… East Tennesseans are reeling from the effects of rampant inflation—the highest in 40 years—and are rethinking expenditures on everything, including home remodeling. A recent national survey revealed that 60 percent of homeowners are less comfortable about making large purchases for their homes because of rising prices. According to Hippo Insurance’s 2022 Homeowner Preparedness Report, nearly…
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Enjoy a Cooler Summer with a Custom Gazebo

It’s Summertime and Hot! It’s summertime in East Tennessee and, boy, is it hot! Hopefully, your backyard gets plenty of shade from mature hardwoods that keep the temperature down for your outdoor activities. If you don’t have any form of shade in your yard, chances are you won’t get much use from your outdoor space…
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Tennessee is a Leading State for Mold Damage

There is Life After Mold.  Call Garrett Construction for Expertise and Remodeling. Mold can be found in homes and buildings all over the country, and it can cause a wide range of problems from structural deterioration to serious health effects. Many may be surprised to learn that Tennessee is one of the leading states where…
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Remodeling Can Add Value to Your Home, But Choose Projects Carefully

The ultimate reason East Tennessee homeowners take on any home remodeling project as an owner-occupant is the enjoyment they get from living in an updated home. But there can be another benefit—raising the value of the home so you make more money in an eventual sale.   Investopedia says the return on investment—or ROI–of any given…
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Listen Up… Good Communications Essential to Remodeling Success

  Share Your Vision with  Photos, Magazines, Drawings, Sketches When you undertake a home remodeling project, good communication is essential. In fact, you could say it ranks right up there with the experience and know-how of the remodeling crew.  Regardless of their talent, they can’t satisfy you, the customer, without fully sharing your vision and…
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Consider Adding an Extra Bedroom to Boost Home Value

East Tennessee homeowners are even more thrilled with their investment as residential prices jumped more than 20 percent in the past year, selling for a median price of about $280,000.  Redfin, a national real estate brokerage, says many homes locally are selling above list price and going quickly – about 48 days after listing. If…
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Will Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage?

This year’s Farmer’s Almanac predicted a cold and snowy winter for East Tennessee, and through the first month of 2022, the prediction has proved correct. A series of snowstorms has created treacherous traveling conditions and forced school closures.  For some homeowners, it has also raised concerns about the safety of your roof. The most dangerous…
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It’s 2022.  Winter – and Cold Outside.

  Don’t Overlook Winter Roof Maintenance We have to assume one of our two or three annual snow events is right around the corner. Sometimes, you hear long-time East Tennesseans say, “we always had more snow when I was younger.”  And they are right. The National Weather Service says average yearly snowfall values for East…
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Take Care when Installing Roof Decorations during Holidays

  Now that Thanksgiving is over and leftovers are gone, East Tennesseans are