Do-It-Yourselfers Turning to Professional Remodelers Post-Pandemic

As the COVID-19  pandemic raged in 2020, East Tennessee homeowners grabbed hammers and screwdrivers and launched a flurry of do-it-yourself remodeling projects to adapt their homes to the new requirements of a stay-at-home economy.  Home offices, improved kitchens, decks and inviting outdoor spaces topped the list.

The pandemic created an endless field day for do-it-yourselfers who took advantage of mandated down time and months of social distancing to complete needed home improvements to fit the times.

Now, with vaccinations plentiful, mask rules being relaxed or eliminated and concerns about the virus waning, DIY hammers are being returned to the tool box, and homeowners are once again turning to professionals to complete renovations. Widespread vaccine availability is boosting consumer confidence, making it easier for work crews to enter homes and complete large-scale projects.

While there are still large segments of the population who have not yet recovered from the steep economic recession caused by the pandemic, sustained growth in home remodeling is expected. A financial boost from recent federal stimulus payments and strong house price appreciation are encouraging homeowners to invest in the upkeep and improvement of their homes.

Although the recent surge in DIY activity is slackening as the economy continues to open up, homeowners are undertaking larger discretionary renovations that had been deferred during the pandemic. A shift to more professional projects is projected to boost annual homeowner remodeling expenditures to $370 billion by early next year.

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