Excavation is a Garrett Specialty, too!

Most East Tennesseans know Garrett Construction as a quality roofing company that has replaced and repaired aging and damaged roofs all across our region.

Many also recognize us as a leading construction firm that serves as general contractor for residential and commercial projects throughout the Greater Knoxville area.

Expert Excavation Services from Garrett

But we also offer another specialty that many commercial businesses and homeowners need – excavation services.  We dig, move and grade the earth using heavy machinery for various construction projects.

This ranges from building foundations, roads, driveways, sidewalks, pipes, drainage, landscaping and more.  One of the most common jobs is preparing the land under and around a new home.  Once all the zoning, permits and engineering plans are complete, our excavators move, grade and prepare the land to architectural and engineering specifications.

Our work includes clearing away any obstacles such as trees, logs, roots, brush or boulders. We also ensure water drains away from structures.  We haul away dirt and debris.

Before prepping for homes and roads, we also transform land around existing structures for landscaping.  We may also be hired to dig out basements as part of preparing the land for construction.

Under the experienced leadership of Matt Garrett, Garrett Construction and Roofing has been serving the East Tennessee area since 2005. We are a licensed General Contractor and our general services range from full residential and commercial construction projects to excavation, remodeling, painting, drywall, roofing gutters. We also help with disaster recovery with experienced teams available to address fire and water damage.