It’s 2022.  Winter – and Cold Outside.


Don’t Overlook Winter Roof Maintenance

We have to assume one of our two or three annual snow events is right around the corner. Sometimes, you hear long-time East Tennesseans say, “we always had more snow when I was younger.”  And they are right.

The National Weather Service says average yearly snowfall values for East Tennessee have decreased steadily since the early 1970’s, going from an average of nearly a foot per year down to around four and a half inches now.

But the little snow we do have still wreaks havoc.  Just check the bread aisle in the grocery store when snow is in the forecast.

Your roof can suffer, too. As the temperature plummets and the snow starts falling, it’s important to perform regular roof maintenance to help prevent damage. One task that you will want to keep up with is snow removal. We’re fortunate that our snow usually melts quickly, but allowing snow to sit on your roof for too long can cause damage in a number of ways. First, the weight alone can cause old or weak roofs to collapse. If an ice dam develops on your roof, the trapped snow can melt and pool which can lead to wood rot and leaks.

When performing routine roof maintenance, also pay attention to the flashing. Over time, the flashing on your roof can become loose or warped. When flashing is damaged, snow and ice can more easily impact your roof. Damage can also occur to your shingles in the same way. If you have loose or broken shingles, have them repaired or replaced right away to prevent moisture from seeping underneath them. In addition to the flashing and shingles, take a look at your gutter system. Check for signs of ice dams and keep debris out of the gutters.

Keep an eye on nearby trees as well. It’s a good idea to trim any tree branches that may become heavy with snow and break off onto your roof, creating potential damage. Or, remove trees all together that are unstable and at risk of falling onto your roof. Trees touching your roof cause friction and can prematurely wear out shingles due to abrasion.

As far as repairs go, just about any repair to any roofing system can be done as well in the winter as it can be in the summer.  If you suspect you have roof damage, contact Garrett for a free estimate.

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