Hot Knoxville Summers Can Damage Your Roof

Summer weather can be hard on your roof.  July is the hottest month in Knoxville with an average temperature of 88 degrees.  Unlike your skin, there’s no lotion or moisturizer to protect your roof from the ravages of the sun.

Roofing materials expand as the temperature rises and contracts as it cools. During the summer, your roof may undergo repeated expansion and contraction causing it to become strained. At some point, you will start to see roof shingles, curl, crack and peel.  The deterioration of your roof is underway.

High temperatures combined with moisture in the air cause humidity that can make the problems even worse.  Humidity can lead to roof leaks which, in turn, can potentially affect the interior of your home, increasing damage and repair costs.  You need the best waterproof materials and proper ventilation to keep moisture from negatively impacting your roof.

The temperature in your attic will affect how long your shingles last. It is best if the heat is forced up and out of the attic through attic vents on the roof. If your roof has them, the temperature can be reduced as much as 20 degrees or more. In addition, there will be less strain on your air conditioner and a lower cooling bill if, in addition to the vents, your home has the proper amount of ceiling insulation.

If you are not in the market for a new roof, you can help protect your roof from the sun and heat by having it properly maintained and inspected annually by a roofing professional. They can check for loose shingles or cracks and perform simple repairs before they turn into larger problems.



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