Housing Demand Grows in East Tennessee

Roof Inspections are Critical when Buying or Selling Your Home

The pandemic-driven demand for homes in East Tennessee sent 2020 home sales in our region to the highest level since 2006.  Tennessee claimed the number one spot on U-Haul’s list of destination states, and Knoxville ranked 32nd in the country on Realtor.com’s list of top housing markets.

Given the size of the investment, prospective buyers are doing their due diligence to ensure the house they buy is in good shape with minimal repairs needed.

That includes a thorough roof inspection.  It’s been said that a home is only as good as its roof. Roofs that leak, are badly insulated, or are otherwise defective can turn an otherwise delightful home into a big problem. When buying a home, homeowners need to know how to recognize water damage, how energy efficient the home will be, what algae on a roof looks like, and how old the roof is before it needs replacement or repair.

It’s a good idea to hire a professional roofer to inspect the roof for you. This will remove any guesswork about the condition of the roof and inform you of any problems upfront. Hire a professional like Matt Garrett at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  Matt and his team will be looking for:

•     Damaged or missing shingles. This is an obvious sign, and while it may look very bad, it is not necessarily a deal breaker. If there is no underlying damage, shingles are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

•     Sagging. This can be a sign of several things: water damage, dry rot, improper installation, bearing too much weight, etc. Depending upon the cause, a sagging area of roof could mean a costly replacement is necessary.

•     Moss or algae. Moss growing on the roof can shorten the lifespan of the roof, but algae are relatively harmless, causing mostly visual changes but no real damage.

If you decide to buy a home with a damaged roof, you will eventually have to pay to have your roof repaired or replaced. Even if your roof is not damaged when you buy the house, the average lifespan of a roof varies widely depending upon climate and roofing material. Be certain to ask for the age of the roof before you buy a house.

Under the experienced leadership of Matt Garrett, Garrett Construction and Roofing has been serving the East Tennessee area since 2005. We are a licensed General Contractor and our general services range from full residential and commercial construction projects to remodeling, painting, drywall, roofing and gutters. We also help with disaster recovery with experienced teams available to address fire and water damage.