Protect Your Roof from Scammers

The most important trait a business person can possess is integrity.  The most successful and long-lasting companies are owned by those who are true to their word and have built a reputation for honesty and professionalism over a long period of time.

That’s true in all businesses, but perhaps nowhere is it more important than in businesses that offer home repair.

You know the story. Con artists are known to travel from state to state following natural disasters and looking for victims of storms. That’s why you should beware of people who suddenly arrive in your neighborhood, telling you about a roof problem and offering to fix it at a discount.

Who is this person?  What is their history?  Do they have a demonstrated track record of completed work and satisfied clients?  How do you know they’ll still be around tomorrow.

Go with Garrett.  Knoxville’s Haag-Certified Roofing Experts.

You’re much better off dealing with a local company whose owners are part of the community and well-known for quality work.  Local references are easy to obtain – perhaps from people you know and trust like your neighbor, family member or co-worker.

And, if there’s a problem with the job after it’s finished, you know where to find the folks who did the work.  They’re as close as a phone call and, if they are people of integrity, they will make it right.

Unfortunately, there are too many scam artists in the home repair business. Don’t trust a roofer who makes an assessment of a leaky roof from the ground without examining it. Very often, the flashing is all that needs to be replaced, even when the tradesman may try to convince you that you need a whole new roof.

Do your homework.  Don’t leave something as important as the roof over your head to a fly-by-night scam artist.  Choose your roofer like you would any other professional whose services are important to you and your family – with care.

If you have a roof that is supposed to have a long life and it is not holding up, contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE to determine whether it was installed properly. This inspection will also determine if the roofing product is failing prematurely due to manufacturing problems. This will allow you to rely on the product warranty for repair or replacement.


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