Roof Inspections. Are They Really Necessary?

As a homeowner, you have plenty of routine things to do to keep your home in top shape.  Changing lightbulbs.  Trimming the shrubs.  New air filters for the HVAC.  Knocking down that pesky wasp nest.  It can seem never ending.

That’s why many homeowners take their roof for granted.  It’s always there doing its job.  It’s durable and made to last for years.  It can remind us of that old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But how do we know if our roof DOES need attention?  Answer: Have it inspected by a professional.

Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced. Roof inspectors are not going to climb up on your roof or the roof of a home you are thinking of buying and pull up shingles or tiles.

Rather, we have special procedures that allow us to determine the lifespan of a given roof without tearing into it. At first glance, it might seem that roofing inspectors would have to pull up part of the roof to do a thorough examination, but if you consider your own roof, you would not want anyone tearing holes in it just to see if it was in good shape. reports that increasingly high technology techniques are being used — like infrared roof inspections where inspectors don’t even have to touch the surface of the roof itself to determine a roof’s integrity. This process uses infrared rays to locate parts of a roof that are at higher or lower temperatures than the rest of the roof. These “hot spots” can show a roof inspector just exactly where heat is escaping.

Because replacing a roof can be quite an investment, insurance companies and lenders require inspections. It makes sense for these companies to protect their investments, but you as the homeowner should want to know your roof is safe as well. You don’t want to be stuck with a bill that you weren’t expecting, and you also don’t want to sell a home to a family and put them in the same spot.


Roof inspections give you and your lenders and insurance carriers peace of mind. Because when the rain is coming down or there is a foot of snow weighing down your roof, you want to sleep comfortably knowing that you are secure from above.

If you have a roof that is supposed to have a long life and it is not holding up, contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE to determine whether it was installed properly. This inspection will also determine if the roofing product is failing prematurely due to manufacturing problems. This will allow you to rely on the product warranty for repair or replacement.

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