Roof Vents Reduce Moisture and Energy Costs

Roof vents play an important role in ensuring proper ventilation in your East Tennessee home.  Vents help reduce excess moisture in your home which leads to mold.  It also helps conserve energy and lower utility bills, an important consideration with every homeowner.

When too much heat builds up in your home, it forces your air conditioner to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment.  Excess heat can also damage roof shingles, shortening their useful life.

Several different types of roof vents are available on the market, each with distinctive characteristics and benefits.  These include:

  • Wind Turbines & Power Vents

Normally found in older homes, wind turbines are powered by the wind instead of electricity. Power vents, on the other hand, are powered by electricity and can be mounted on your roof or gable. These units tend to operate quietly and efficiently. Since they consumer electricity however,  power vents can affect your monthly utility bill.

  • Ridge Vents

Newer to the market, ridge vents have become popular among new homeowners because of the way it blends well into the roof. Ridge vents provide more even air distribution compared to other types of vents. They are installed at the peak of your roof slopes. This type of vent, however, is not suitable for larger roofs because multiple systems are required for it to work effectively.

  • Box Vents

As the name suggests, this vent is shaped like a small box that sits in a hole cut in your roof. It does not require electricity to operate and works best with open attic plans. It requires steady wind flow and a soffit to run.

  • Solar-Powered Vents

Solar-powered roof vents are powered by the sun’s rays and come in a variety of styles. They can mount to your roof or attach to your gables. At night, the vent uses stored energy from its backup battery to run. The downside to solar-powered vents is cost compared to other alternatives.


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