Safety Tips Using Rooftop Holiday Lights

We can’t all be Clark Griswold, the super-charged outdoor lighting whiz in Christmas Vacation, but plenty of us like to bring an extra measure of cheer to the exterior of our house during the holiday season.

East Tennessee homeowners like it when cars slow in front of their house to take in the decorations, including those carefully placed, brightly colored strings of lights along the eaves of the roof.

Unfortunately, every year, homeowners across East Tennessee end up damaging their roofs when installing Christmas lights, leaving holes and staple damage that can compromise the integrity of their roofs. And just like residential roofing repair, hanging holiday lights can be a risky undertaking.

Follow these steps to hang your holiday lights safely:

Avoid Using a Staple Gun

Many people use a staple gun to affix lights to their roof. But using any kind of fasteners that can penetrate your roof or trim can create damage that leads to air and water leaks. Staples can damage the lights you’re installing as well. Thankfully, Christmas light hooks and clips have come a long way over the years. Use non-damaging plastic clips for the best results.

Be Careful With Gutters

Use caution when working on a ladder, especially near your gutters. Again, using safe holiday light clips on your roof and siding can help to prevent damage to your gutters.

Be Careful With Electricity

Even though holiday lights are popular, they still represent an electrical risk to your roof and home. Be cautious about overloading outlets and read all instructions thoroughly. Use extension cords rated for outdoor use only.

Consider Smart Lighting

Rather than connecting extension cords every time you turn on your lights, consider using a smart lighting solution. Modern holiday lights are available with smartphone controls so you can stay inside where it’s warm and even program your holiday lights.

Avoid Using Heavy Items

Typically, the lights will be placed on the gutters, eaves, and shingles. Be sure to use appropriate cables and avoid hanging anything heavy from the roofing system.

Preparing to put up Christmas lights also presents a perfect opportunity to do a quick roof inspection to ensure everything is working properly. Leaks can occur from even the smallest holes, so you want to ensure you don’t need a repair before hanging the lights.

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