Spring: A Good Time of Year for Roof Replacement

Spring is the best time to get your roof inspected and repaired from damages sustained during the winter. It’s also the time when you get your tax refund, giving you some extra bucks to spend on your roof.

During the spring, most construction trades pick up the pace. This is based on three simple reasons:

  • During the holiday season preceding the new year, most people spend a lot of money on gifts and parties. For most of us, it takes a couple of months for the cash to catch up, and we can’t afford a roof during the winter.  That means waiting until the spring to get the ball rolling.
  • During winter months, many people are reluctant to install a new roof, as well as other exterior projects, because of snow and cold weather. So they wait until spring.
  • After the holiday season and the long winter, most people file their tax returns and await the refund checks.

Once spring rolls around, people catch up on their finances, get tax refunds and are no longer worried about cold weather and snow. This is when the spring construction rush begins.

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, real estate experts say spring is the best time of the year to put your home on the market. More prospective homeowners are looking at homes during this time of the year. Replacing or repairing your roof during can help you prepare your home for sale.

If you know that the life of your roof is coming to an end, schedule the job early to secure a place on a roofer’s schedule (which most of the time we are about two or three weeks out) and even sign a contract to make sure you get current prices with no increases in materials and labor.


Need a Spring roof inspection? Contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE to determine whether it was installed properly. This inspection will also determine if the roofing product is failing prematurely due to manufacturing problems. This will allow you to rely on the product warranty for repair or replacement.  Go with Garrett.


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