Beware! “Tail Light Warranty” Roofing Companies.


It’s sad but true.

There are roofing companies out there that chase storms in which the same way dare-devil photographers race across Tornado Alley looking for a thrill and a quick payday.

Major storms are well-covered on the Weather Channel and, when they occur, savvy roofing companies quickly send their top sales people from far-flung locations to Knoxville and East Tennessee to go door-to-door soliciting roofing jobs. Once they get their foot in a neighborhood with the first job, the yard signs go up and soon your neighbors are signing up as well.

The problem:  Once the job is done, these roofers move on to the next town with storm damage, leaving local homeowners to deal with the aftermath.  Sometimes the roofing job is done well; too often, it is not.  They may give the homeowner what is known as a “tail light warranty”, so named because once their tail lights disappear down the road, the warranty disappears as well.


It should go without saying that choosing a local roofer is the way to go.

A local roofer has a physical location and a reliable phone number. He or she also has a track record—a reputation built over dozens or hundreds of successful jobs throughout the region. They have satisfied and repeat customers who say good things about them. On-line reviews sing their praises. And the good ones will still be around to respond to your needs and concerns, answer your questions and help maintain your home long after the storm has passed.



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