Carla Hady & Robert Greenwood

We wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the work that Nathan Watson did to repair our kitchen ceiling. He worked steadily and efficiently. After a mishap involving a water pipe breaking in the attic, and the resulting water leak, he was quick to react and turned the water off at the street. He took great care with our house and contents to clean up the water and make sure everything was pretty much back to normal. He then did a fast and professional job of repairing the pipe. He was conscience of our needs and desires the whole time.

Before leaving, at the end of each day, he made a great effort to clean up any mess he made and to leave the house livable for us and our dogs. At the end Nathan matched up the paint colors required to finish the job and was here to meet with the painters and to get them started on painting the ceiling. The paint team was led by Payton Cooper and his team was equally professional and efficient. They did a beautiful job and the kitchen looks better than ever.

Overall we are very pleased with your people and the job they did.