Pamela L. Wolf, MSSW
Harmony Family Center

It is my pleasure to recommend Matt Garrett and Garrett Construction for your consideration. Matt has worked with us at our Montvale facility for the past five years. Projects are numerous and varied including; a complex project to uncover and repair a dam, creation of a new pasture, repair of countless infra-structure projects, and the creation a mud run course for our fund
raiser. Currently Garrett Construction is working on building a new covered riding arena, our most extensive project to date.

Over the years we have worked with numerous contractors. I can honestly say that Garrett Construction is by far and away the most experienced and reliable team. They bring a level of excellence that is unsurpassed. You can count on Matt’s honesty and integrity in all situations. We never worry about the completion of a job or the quality promised. If we run into an unexpected challenge, Matt manages this with solution oriented responses that consider the timeline and cost.

Garrett Construction is a community minded and generous organization. They are concerned not only with delivering a tremendous product, they are also concerned about those who will use the facilities. There compassion for those we serve greatly endears all of us to them and makes a difference in countless, wonderful ways.