Virus Downtime: A Good Time for Roof Repairs

The current COVID-19 crisis is hurting millions of Americans financially. Forbes magazine reports that unemployment claims are through the roof while small businesses have been clamoring to secure loans that, at this point, may no longer be available.

It’s a time when money is overwhelmingly scarce for a lot of people, and when anyone with a steady paycheck should be grateful.

And what if you happen to fall into the latter category? What if your earnings are holding steady, only because everyone is forced to stay home, and you’re actually spending less money than you typically would during a normal period of life?

If you’re managing to retain more of your paycheck — and maybe have a stimulus payment coming your way to boot — you’re clearly in an enviable position.

Besides appreciating your good fortune, Forbes advises this might be a good time to boost your emergency fund, accelerate your savings generally and to help others.  It may also be a good time to make needed home repairs, including taking a look at a new roof.

In many ways, it’s an ideal time.  Roofers are finding their business is slower right now as people withdraw into their houses and limit their activities.  But being home also creates opportunities to have your roof inspected by a professional roofing company and get those repairs made while you’re home to watch the work.

A professional roofer like Garrett Construction and Roofing will ensure that all work is conducted safely and that you and your family are protected through appropriate social distancing and other protective measures.


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