We Answer Homeowners’ Questions about Their Roofs

From time to time, we like to use this forum to answer questions we receive from homeowners.  These questions represent areas of general interest that many people inquire about.  We hope you find this information useful.

If my roof leaks, do I need a new roof?

It depends on why your roof is leaking. Older roofs with multiple worn spots and missing shingles will likely need to be replaced. If you have a leak coming in from the chimney or a single missing shingle, a repair may work just fine. Professional roofers like Garrett Construction will determine how much damage has been caused by the leak and then make recommendations.


Do roofers need to come inside your house?

Roofers do not need to come inside during a roof inspection or during the roofing job, unless there is a leak that is coming into your house. During our roof inspections, we only go inside the house if it is required based on damage to the roof.


Should I replace my gutters when I get a new roof?

If you notice your gutters are damaged or in need of repairs, then replace them when you decide to have a roof installed, but make sure you take the time to inspect your gutters. Look for signs they needs to be replaced. Signs include cracks and sagging. Look for water damage, too, and look at the underside of the eaves. If there is peeling paint or rust marks on the exterior of your home, this is a sign it’s time to replace your gutter system.


When should you pay a roofer?

According to the Better Busines Bureau, “When you’ve selected the roofing company; discuss payment. You should never pay for a roofing job upfront. You can pay a deposit, but the full amount shouldn’t be paid until the job is completed to your satisfaction.”


What about protection against the spread of COVID-19?

For the time being, all of our roof specialists are wearing masks due to the pandemic and are implementing social distancing, handwashing, and sanitization of equipment. We always respect the wishes of the homeowner while conducting roof inspections, installations, and repairs.




For questions on roofing repairs and replacements, roof inspection or consultation, contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE.  We will assist you in determining if your roof repair might be covered under a warranty or help you file a claim with your home insurance. As professional roofers, we will ensure that all work is conducted safely and that, in this time of Coronavirus, you and your family are protected through appropriate social distancing and other protective measures. Go with Garrett.


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