Summer Weather Can Damage a Roof in a FLASH

Familiar News Story in East Tennessee

A line of severe thunderstorms is expected to reach East Tennessee this afternoon, with the potential for golf ball-size hail and an isolated tornado.

The areas at greatest risk will be east of Interstate 75, where damaging winds and flash flooding are possible between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m., according to the National Weather Service office in Morristown.

The storms should pose a lower risk to the Knoxville area, with winds gusts up to 25 mph….

Every resident knows East Tennessee gets its share of severe weather.  Spring and summer can bring high winds, damaging hail, and even the threat of tornadoes.

When these weather events do occur, the exterior of your house can take a beating, especially your roof.  Roofs should be inspected immediately to prevent further damage due to water infiltration. Tree limbs and branches can fall on roofs creating significant damage.

Your roofing professional will examine the condition of the roofing surface material. He will also inspect inside the house, looking carefully at the eaves, interior chimney surfaces, fasteners, roof braces, and support material. Generally, a roof inspection will take from 45 minutes to several hours.

Broken or missing shingles, curling, and a loss of granulation are clear evidence of roof damage that should be addressed. We also look for crumbling, ripples, and unevenness in the roofing cement. On a flat roof, cracks, tears, blisters, or wrinkles, especially in areas that have previously been patched may appear.

Even without high wind and torrential rain, a “peace of mind” type of roof inspection is recommended every couple of years.  This allows the homeowner to catch potential roofing problems before they become bigger. It’s also helpful to get a professional estimate of how much useful life your roof might have left.



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