Yes, Roofs Can Be Replaced in Winter Weather


Roof problems know no season, and Knoxville area homeowners can expect roofing issues to emerge in the winter just as in any other time of year.  While winter roof repairs and replacements do pose special challenges due to colder temperatures and the possibility of snow and ice, there’s no reason to delay roofing work until Spring.

In East Tennessee, we’re fortunate that our winters are generally mild with extremely cold days occurring sporadically amid more days with warmer temperatures.  Roofing professionals look for that stretch of sunny days to get the job done.

Still, it’s important to recognize that winter roofing projects can take longer. The sealing process for all roofs doesn’t happen in below-freezing temperatures. If it’s not an emergency, roofers will usually wait until there are few days of favorable temperatures to perform the job.

The type of roof must be considered also. The metal roof installation process is different from other materials, like shingles. For shingles projects, the adhesives become the biggest concern in lower temperatures. Metal doesn’t use these adhesives, so winter has no impact on the process. Snow typically slides off the metal materials, lessening the risk. Home heating and attic airflow along with steady sunshine can also increase the temperature of roofs.

Proactive roof maintenance is always best. It saves East Tennessee homeowners time, hassle and money. We always recommend clients regularly check their roofing to ensure its condition can support the harsh winter conditions. Removing leaves and debris from gutters is important to ensure a problem-free winter. Chimneys should also be inspected.



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