5 Tips for a Successful Home Remodel

Dreaming of Remodeling?

It’s a thought that’s always tucked in the back of our minds.  We’ve thought about it dozens of times. It’s those questions about our house that nag us and eventually demand answers.

     How can I get more closet space?  I’m tired of having all my clothes packed in.  I can’t even tell what I have.

     What’s involved in adding another bathroom?  Our family has grown and our current set-up is just not working.

     Our kitchen is old, and the appliances are outdated.  How can I modernize it?

     I’m sick of this worn-out carpet.  I want hardwood floors throughout the house.  How do I get started?

On and on it goes.  We can all make a list of those improvements that would make a big difference in our daily lives, make our homes more livable and enhance our investment.

Where Do You Begin? Is Remodeling as Daunting as It Seems?

How do I make a plan?  Who’s the best person or company to do the work?  How do I know I can trust them?  How much will it cost?  These are but a few of the questions that must be addressed when considering remodeling.  The answers can make all the difference in getting a satisfying result or ending up with a disaster that someone else has to correct.

There are many tips for accomplishing a successful remodel, but here are five that we think are important to consider:

1.     Create a clear vision.  Be able to fully understand and communicate your expectations.  You need to know what the remodeled space should look like and how it should function when complete.

2.     Decide on a sensible scope of work.  We all know the euphoria of shooting for the moon and stars, making all our dreams come true.  When it comes to remodeling your home, your feet should be firmly on the ground.  Keep your plans manageable.  Consider accomplishing the full project in phases spread over time, if necessary.

3.     Make a realistic budget.  Examine all the costs carefully, and decide what you can afford.  Ever heard of being “house poor”?  That can happen in a major remodel.  We can get everything we want in a home upgrade, but then there’s little left for other needs and wants which can be stressful and frustrating.

4.     Think about those splurge-worthy items.  Am I going to install central heat and air or a less expensive wall unit?  Should I purchase high-end weatherproof windows with a lifetime guarantee or something less expensive?  Sometimes “splurging” is the right thing to do for your long-term investment.  At other times, it’s not necessary and doesn’t affect the final product.  Decide which is which.

5.     Know who you’re hiring. When it comes to hiring a remodeler, do your research.  Know the resources and track record of your contractor.  Get references.  Look at past projects.  Get a feel for their ethics and integrity.  Remember, you will have to live with the results.


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