Excavation is a Job for the Pros.

Excavation is an essential part of construction—whether you’re building a new home or adding on to an existing one, constructing a new driveway, digging a basement or performing many other construction-related functions.

Simply put, excavation is the process of removing rock, soil and other materials from a site. This is generally performed using heavy earth moving machines like bulldozers. The work is generally done by a skilled and experienced heavy industrial contractor like Garrett Construction in order to ensure a quality job and safety while using the heavy machinery required for larger projects.

Although excavation can be performed by individuals on a small scale, it is best to leave bigger excavation projects to heavy industrial contractors that can avoid structural damage, perform the process safely, and be aware of the hazards inherent in the site.

Buried pipes, sewer laterals, and utility lines can represent grave hazards to both the environment and workers, if broken. Underground lines are broken every six minutes in the United States due to improper planning before digging. Professional excavation construction companies know that they must arrange for a proper survey of all public utilities. Gas lines, water lines, oil lines, sewer pipes, and electrical lines should be mapped, marked with a color code, and properly protected during any excavation project.

A professional excavator ensures a proper result by surveying the site, conducting soil analysis, working closely with local utilities and municipalities to comply with local regulations, and by assigning a project coordinator that inspects the site daily.

Under the experienced leadership of Matt Garrett, Garrett Construction and Roofing stands ready to help with any excavation needs you may have with experienced teams available to ensure a professional result. Serving East Tennessee since 2005, we are a licensed General Contractor and our general services range from full residential and commercial construction projects to remodeling, painting, drywall, roofing and gutters. Call us for a free consultation.