Happy New Year from Garrett!

We Wish our Clients and Friends a Very Happy New Year!

Most would agree that we are glad to see 2020 come to a close.  It was a challenging year when a world-wide pandemic threatened our health, upended our economy and altered lifestyles everywhere.  We are all looking forward to better things in 2021.

As the economy and our personal outlook improves, our economy will revive.  New houses will be built here in the Knoxville area and across the country.  Homeowners will regain the confidence and funds to invest in modernization and upgrades to existing homes.  Slowly, we will put the dismal environment of the past year behind us and welcome a brighter, more normal future.

Garrett Construction stands ready to be your partner in this renewal.  As the New Year breaks, we are available to help ensure one of your home’s most vital components – your roof – is in good shape and doing its job as expected.

Winter can wreak havoc with the integrity of your roof.  Freezing rain can cause serious damage, made worse if ice builds up in your gutter and prevents water from draining properly. Wind damage during the winter is not uncommon. Loose or old roof shingles can be blown off entirely by a blustery winter wind. This damage is compounded when the winter wind is accompanied by hail or sleet.  And then there is the occasional snow that can add damaging weight to your roof.



Need a roof inspection or consultation? Contact the roofing experts at Garrett Construction and Roofing.  We are Haag-Certified roofing inspectors and will inspect your roof for FREE.  We will assist you in determining if your roof repair might be covered under a warranty or help you file a claim with your home insurance. As professional roofers, we will ensure that all work is conducted safely and that, in this time of Coronavirus, you and your family are protected through appropriate social distancing and other protective measures. Go with Garrett.


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