Is Your Bathroom Saying: “Remodel Me!”

Even Small Budgets Gain BIG Results

It may start small with a leaking toilet or a chipped mirror but before long you’re noticing the shower is a little too small. And those colors on the wall—they’re looking outdated. At first the messages are small and subtle, but over time they grow in volume—the bathroom needs to be remodeled!

Not only can a well-planned bathroom remodel add to day-to-day comfort and functionality—making it easier and even more fun to start your day–it is often considered to be a worthwhile investment, increasing the overall value of a home.

Since bathroom remodeling projects can encompass everything from installing a few new fixtures to overhauling the room’s floor plan, they have a wide price range. The budget is impacted by the size of the bathroom and what you choose to update, including the extent of changing the layout, adding new features or updating the décor. It’s a simple formula: The more complicated the remodeling, the higher the investment required.

A minor bathroom remodel might include:

  • Replacing faucets and fixtures
  • Changing handles, knobs and other hardware
  • Painting or refacing cabinets
  • Replacing the mirror
  • Changing light fixtures
  • Adding new flooring

A major bathroom remodel is more extensive and might include:

  • Replacing the tub or shower
  • Putting in floor-to-ceiling tile
  • Installing a new vanity, cabinets and toilet
  • Adjusting plumbing and electrical systems
  • Adding or removing walls



A few things top everyone’s wish list for a new bathroom. The American Institute of Architects reports these features are among the most popular:

  • Doorless/no-threshold showers: 62%
  • Large walk-in showers: 58%
  • Adaptability/universal design: 57%
  • Tubless shower: 56%
  • High-end, spa-like design: 43%
  • Increased natural lighting (windows and skylights): 38%
  • Radiant heated floor: 34%


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