Take Care when Installing Roof Decorations during Holidays


Now that Thanksgiving is over and leftovers are gone, East Tennesseans are now turning their attention to the upcoming holidays.  Already we’re seeing retailers decorate as the season approaches, and homeowners are digging out last year’s boxes of lights and tinsel from storage.

There’s something magical about that lighted sleigh piloted by Santa sitting up there next to the chimney.  While roof decorations can become the centerpiece of attention in a neighborhood, but they can also become the source of problems if not handled properly.  Some homes really take a beating in the name of the holiday cheer.

Here are some things to keep in mind to help ensure your holiday decorations don’t leave lasting problems on your roof in the New Year.

  • Where possible, avoid using nails to secure your decorations on the roof. Each nail can leave a tiny hole which can become the source of leaks.
  • If you use inflatables, keep them away from chimneys, power lines and tree branches. Make sure they touch nothing but the roof itself.
  • If you are using lights, straighten and test them before installing. The best way to install lights is with clips that hang from the gutter or eaves.
  • When using lights, don’t overload a breaker which can be a potential fire risk.

When it comes to taking down holiday decorations, too many homeowners hurry through the process, letting any mishaps be “next year’s problem.” This step is where roof damage can occur. Avoiding damage that can occur by hastily yanking down holiday lights is worth the extra patience.

When the holidays are over, take them down promptly and store them properly so they will be ready for next year.  This brings up our final point:  Don’t be that guy who leaves roof decorations up until summer.  Be a responsible decorator and a good neighbor.

If you suspect you have roof damage, before or after the holidays, contact Garrett for a free estimate.   HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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