Watch for Hidden Roof Damage After a Storm


As strong storms raced through East Tennessee recently, the first thought of many homeowners was to survey their property for damage. Storms leave their mark in uprooted trees, downed power lines, broken glass—and the predictable damage to roofs.

Most of the aftermath can be addressed quickly.  We chop up the trees for firewood. The electricity eventually returns. We sweep up the broken glass. But what about that roof damage?

Sometimes it’s obvious. We can see missing tiles, ceiling leaks and damage to gutters. But what about the damage we can’t see? Signs of shingle roof storm damage include lifted shingles, granule loss, uneven lines, nail pull-through holes, leaks, and crack lines. Even small holes in your roof can expose the decking to moisture, which can result in mold, rot and leaks.

High winds during a storm can lift up shingles, thus breaking their seal. They are no longer stuck down tight to the shingle they overlap just beneath them. Once a shingle has been uplifted, it can more easily be lifted up again when the next storm comes.

The welcome sunny days following the wind and rain of a strong storm provide the perfect opportunity for a thorough roof inspection by a qualified professional. Whether it’s in plain sight or hidden, a professional roofer can spot the damage and recommend permanent, cost-effective solutions that may not involve a full roof replacement.

For most of us, our home is by far our largest investment. It is also that special place where our family grows up, creates memories and enjoys life. Don’t let untreated roof damage detract from the beauty and livability of your home. Work with a professional to identify damage and get it fixed. And do it today—before it gets worse.

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