Winter Can Be a Good Time for Roof Replacement

Many East Tennessee homeowners may consider winter the worst time to install a new roof and choose to put their roofing project on hold till spring. While the winter season can present unique challenges, it can also offer an opportunity to get a contractor on your schedule instead of planning out in busier times of the year.

Unpredictable weather conditions and colder temperatures impact the roof replacement process in small ways, but being prepared for these situations will help the roof replacement go more smoothly. The right crew can do it in winter weather as long as temperatures are above freezing, and it is not snowing or raining.

Professional roofers ensure that every necessary cold weather precaution is taken.

Winter roof installations can be dangerous due to slippery conditions caused by rain, snow, and ice. To ensure safety, crews must take extra precautions, such as using fall protection equipment. In some cases, they may need to wait for the morning frost to melt before starting work.

Roofing in cold weather can be challenging because freezing temperatures can affect the nail guns used. Nail guns rely on compressed air, and if there’s humidity in the air, it can turn into water and freeze in the airlines, reducing the flow of air that drives the nails. This increases the risk of improper nail placement, requiring extra attention to ensure shingles are securely installed.

But here is a silver lining: Winter tends to be the off-season for roofing companies. Because roofers receive smaller amounts of work in the winter, they are more open to negotiation. Finding a roofing expert with the expertise and experience required to manage your project from start to finish may be much easier than in summer or spring.

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